Where Does ParkerMather Go for Marketing Data?

ParkerMather, Mikhail Bell, social media, Brian Solis
Credit: BrianSolis.com

I read technology and marketing news practically everyday. It is integral to ParkerMather’s goal: helping small businesses and big personalities maximize the mysterious forces of social media.

Any experienced person will tell you that they have core values. Artists rely on muses. Communicators, too, develop a nest egg of knowledge using trusted resources.

Here are four resources I use to better understand the digital landscape:

1)    Pew Internet and American Life Project: Pew coordinates national polling on many topics. The organization creates incredible detailed questionnaires and uses sound methodology to get at the questions a few think but fewer articulate. Director Lee Rainie and his team have mastered the art of asking relevant questions.

Recommended reading: Privacy, Confidentiality, and the Use of Data; Teens and Technology 2013.

2)   Hubspot.com: The Boston-based marketing outfit is a quiet leader in social media strategy. They are among a paucity of companies that connects social media with marketing objectives and analytics.

Inbound marketing is their secret sauce. This is also a neologism for branding. If you have a clear mission and compelling effects, customers more likely to seek you out.

Recommended reading: Case studies!

3)   Altimeter Group: Brian Solis is a principal at the market research firm. Solis is a rising star and rightly so. His analysis of social media, marketing and consumer behavior are prescient. More importantly Solis’s delivery is always pitch perfect, whether to the novice or the veteran.

Solis and Charlene Li recently presented on the simple topic: The State of Social Business. Here is a backgrounder and report.

Recommended reading: The End of Business as Usual and Engage! (here)

4)    Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Beyers: Kleiner Perkins is a storied investment firm with offices in Menlo Park and San Francisco. Their presence however is global. The firm has bankrolled dozens of successful startups, including Facebook, Twitter, Everlane, Klout and Path.

Ex-EA executive Bing Gordon and venture capitalist Mary Meeker are two familiar faces in the constellation of tech stars known as Silicon Valley. Bing Gordon was famously former Zynga CEO Mark Pincus’ handler after Kleiner Perkins invested in the gaming startup. Zynga memorably graced Facebook users with Mafia Wars, Words with Friends and Farmville.

Meeker first came to my attention about three years ago at the All Things D annual conference. She delivered a popular presentation on Internet Trends, which D has repeated each conference since 2010.

Recommended reading: The 2013 Internet Trends report

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